Arianna Ortiz! Woot!

Hi guys!

What a treat and a...  well, a re-learning process is was for me to get to talk with Arianna.

Arianna and I met in a casting director workshop/acting class with the fabulous Risa Bramon.  We hit it off relatively easily, and I, in true Aquarian fashion, insisted for some time, via facebook, that we be friends.  I figured she'd eventually get annoyed with me and stop answering my emails or write back and we would hang out.  Happily, the latter occurred.

Anyhoo, chatting with Arianna about the biz gave me a good dose of the "Remember-hard-work-really-does-work"s.  Arianna's been around LA, busting her butt for 15 years and is just now getting to do some "breaking in," as we say.  Her episode combined with Mike Redfield's episode reminded me of the idea of "Who said this was going to be easy?"

I have to, somewhat abashedly admit, that I do fall into feeling like this whole rat-race professional artist thing "should" be easier.  It's a lot of work for a long time with NO pay until it suddenly isn't.  Or, it suddenly is less that way.  And me slipping into resentment about that certainly doesn't help me any.  Nor does it help me be of greater service in the world in any way.

Arianna has simply been a great actress and done her footwork with diligence and commitment.  And it's paying off for her.  And I'm super lucky to be her friend and to get to be reminded of the value of those things.  I know them.  But I slip into entitlement and laziness.  And that's not cute.  Or badass.  And I'd like to be a spiritually evolved, socially generous, personally loving badass.

Thanks, Arianna.  I remember now.



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