Grant Lyon… Aww… Grant Lyyyoonnnn…

I love this guy.

He's my neighbor and my buddy and I love him.

He's also a ridiculously committed performer and potential workaholic.  I truly do not know any one who works as hard as Grant Lyon.  He never rests.  It worries me for him.  But it inspires me to get off my ass at the same time.  He makes me realize and remember how much power we actually DO have in our lives to effect change and to achieve our goals.  Whenever I'm laying around in my living room, un-motivated, all I have to do is head over to Grant's pad and sit there for 5 minutes and I'll realize I'm being profoundly avoidant.

Grant faces every challenge HEAD ON and he does so with kindness of heart and gentleness of spirit.  I'm still learning how to hold kindness/gentleness at the same time as pursuit of vision.  But Grant is a lovely little integrated package of all of that.

Oh, and he's funny too.  He just booked, like 5000 colleges through the Naca conference.  So he'll be doing fabulous dorm room jokes ALL ACROSS AMERICA, pretty soon here, America.  Get ready!  Cuz here he comes!

Check out for tour dates and general good times.

All my lovin,


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