I wanna be.. Alex and Anthony

Sigh...  When I grow up, I want to be Alex and Anthony.

Alex and Anthony, or AA, as I will now refer to them, (screw the 12 steps!) are some of my favorite humans. My good friend Mick Mize introduced me to them a few years back and I've been a happy camper ever since.  Well, when I'm with them, that is.

Why?  Because they are both so...  open.  And present.  And fun loving.  And spiritually...  cool.  Being around them makes me understand and re-remember what relationships can/could/should be/feel/look like.  I love what they have.  They love each other a lot.  They communicate deeply and frequently.  They are honest AND loving with one another.  They are real AND supportive.  They are kind AND straight shooting.  They are healthy.  I hate them.

No.  I love them.

And hate them a little.

Not really.

But a little.

In the podcast, they say such healthy, balanced, lovely things about the life of the actor, that I ALMOST want to go get a day job just to be somewhere near as healthy, balanced and lovely as they are.

Just listen.  You'll see what I mean.

big love,

deep blessings,

and sometimes,

chocolate mouse,

Katie Sabira

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