Jen and John Pollono, Hard Core Up and Commers

These two, you guys, are on, what we call, THE CLIMB.

They've got a kid, a house, pilots that everybody's reading, a theater company I'm personally in love with, a HIT play that John wrote AND starred in, a million acting roles (on stage and screen) between the three of them (Yes, their 7 year old has a more impressive career than I do), and a generally loving, social, outgoing, generous out look on life.

How the hell do they do it?

Jen says they're a little "psychotic," but so far, all I've seen is that they are crazily dedicated to their work, and to being good folks.  I wanted to get MORE into the conversation about spirituality that Jen and I start at the END of this conversation, but it was late at night and we were all fading...

So, I'm just going to have to go back and talk with them again!

We were JUST getting into John's latent Catholicism, Jen's NEW understanding that dinosaurs and man didn't live together at the SAME time, and my amazement at how they do all that they do AND have a house and a kid AND go to the gym AND AND AND..

They're crazy achievers these two.  Listen and learn, love muffins.

Or, listen and decide you'd rather just work at a bank after you realize how hard these two work.  No offense to bankers.  (Except, sort of some offense to bankers...)

Big love and profound bafflement, and continued questions,

Katie Sabira

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