Jessica Goldapple (Yes. That’s her real name.)



Jessica Goldapple.

She carries this beautiful, subtle, gentle, feminine, strong, centered, sweet energy that seems, to me, like the PERFECT blend of qualities.  Admittedly, I felt like a big, loud, messy Jewish Bull in her dainty, kind, and lovely China Shop.  Oh, SHE would never MAKE me feel that way at ALL.  It was all in my brain.  But when you listen, you'll see what I mean.  Where I can be brash, she is even.  Where I can be angry, she is all peace.  Where I can be edgy, she is polished and round.

I learned just by being in the room with her.

I think she is a gem.

Casting Directors.  Seriously.  Put down whatever object you are presently holding.   Turn off whatever show you are watching.  And CAST THIS WOMAN IN STUFF.  She is a pleasure to be around and, I'm certain, is a GIFTED and skilled actress.

I can't imagine you won't fall in love with her, you guys.

Please enjoy.  Absorb.  Love.  Learn.


Katie Sabira

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