John Ruskin

You know how sometimes beautiful and amazing miracles happen?

My getting to meet and chat (and hopefully work in the future) with John Ruskin was just such an event in my recent history.

An actor friend of mine, Eric Doyle, told me recently that he'd found, in The Ruskin Theater Group, what he'd been hunting for in a theater company in LA for the past several years- a real community.  With a loving and generous leader.

This idea, of course, thrilled me.  So I went and met the man himself.  And boy oh boy (who says that?) was I pleasantly surprised?!  John Ruskin is a true gem of a human being.  Being at the theater feels like coming home.  To love, and nurturance and endless artistic, personal and spiritual support.

I'm eager to take Meisner classes with him as he is one of the very few "Official" Mesiner Proteges, and is, apprently, a master of the work himself.

He was a true pleasure to speak with, and I'm wishing I had kept the mic on after our chat as the guidance he gave me off mic was priceless.

Enjoy John, please, humans.  And, for God's sake, take classes with him.  Your mind will be blown.

Love and light,

Katie Sabira

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