Ladies and Gentlemen… Janis Stevens

Sooooo...  Yeah.

Janis Stevens is.


She's the Queen Bee, The Master, The Grande Dame (rhymes with Lawn Fawn) of Theater.

If you want to see masterful, specific, brilliantly crafted character work, watch Janis.  If you want to get SCHOOLED about how your character could have been more specific, masterful and brilliantly crafted, call Janis.  If you want your play to be directed in a specific, brilliant- you get the idea.  Janis is The Best.

She's made a career for herself in the theater for at least a couple decades, and despite what she'd say to you, doesn't look a day worse the wears for it.  I think Janis is actually the Actor with a Capital A that we all secretly wish we could be.  AND!  I love that her podcast happened on the same day as Alex and Anthony's, whose beliefs about how to BE in the theater couldn't be more different than hers.  I LOVE hearing such vastly different points of view because it validates the fact that we are all eeking out careers and lives and relationships in the best ways that work for us as individuals, and that, once again, there is no ONE way or RIGHT way to do ANYTHING.

So, if you're feeling like you have to figure out HOW to do your creative life, or what the RIGHT way to proceed might be, listen to this cast and then listen to the next one and discover two diametrically opposed perspectives, and come to remember or understand, as I just did, once again, that we are all inventing our paths as we walk them.

Big love, deep blessings, thanks Janis.


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