Mike Rhoton, Pauser Extraordiaire


So Mike and I go waaaaaaaay back.  We went to Amherst College together where we did plays and Improv and galavanted around like young, drunk (in my case) theater kids are wont to do.

Now, he's living the dream here in LA with his LOVELY wife, Tracie (who, once she is post-post 2nd pregnancy, will be on the show as well!) and their two gorgeous chil'n's (no idea how to put apostrophes into that abbreviation).  They work together at Rogue Machine Theater, they work apart in a thousand other things, and it was super fun to catch up with Mike on the Mic.  (little word play there.)

Now, here's the thing about Michael Rhoton.  Sometimes...  America...  Michael takes.. a LONG...  LONG....  LOOOOOOOOONG frACKING time to answer a question.  SO long, in fact, that I considered editing out his pauses.  But then I thought it would be interesting for you to experience JUST HOW LONG he can sit and ponder a question before answering.  Truly, it's a long time.  BUT, if it irritates you, please, of course, feel free to fast forward through his pauses cuz what he gets to add the end of them is definitely worth the wait.

Oh, Mike..  So strange, and so lovely...  All in one.  I LOVE YA!

Listen on, listeners.

See you next time!

Katie Sabira