Paula Christensen

Paula Paula Paula...  What can I say about Paula?

Paula Christensen is, simply stated, a FORCE.  To be RECKONED with.

She's teeny tiny in body.  And stupid BIG of spirit.

She dances, acts, directs, choreographs, improvises, writes.  She's a bad ass, is what she is.  A Bad ass.

She's also PREGNANT.  But, seriously, guys, you have to see her to understand the significance of that fact.  The baby is almost as big as SHE is.  She's gorgeous, you guys.  But TINY.  TINY  AND WITH CHILD.

I don't understand it.

And I'm amazed by it.

Talking with Paula made me SO happy because it was like being back in college again- where we met.  Where things were always interesting, and people were always talking deeply and with intelligence about things.  Now, we have to make podcasts to keep those conversations happening.  But that's ok.  Because in so doing, I got to talk with the lovely and lively Ms. Paula Christensen.

Enjoy.  And write things down.

I love you.


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