The Truth Juice

Welcome, listeners!!!

I'm so excited to have you hear these- my first 8 conversations with some of my favorite up and coming working actors, commedians, producers and directors!  We get deep and real about the life of the working artist in Los Angeles, the love of the craft, the loathe of the business, the apathy, the ups, the downs, the STUFF, you guys!  The STUFF!

I'm excited to hear your thoughts about these conversations.  Which parts interest you most.  What are you most curious to hear people of this industry discuss?  What gets you GOING?!

I found these first episodes to be fascinating, engaging and a challenging.  I got to see the places where I am a personality sponge- I knew this already, but WHAT A POWERFUL mirror these conversations were for seeing my own chameleon-like quality.  Also, I got to begin to re-remember why I love the work we do and what it's all about for ME!

What's it all about for you?  Share with me on this page!  I love you all and I look forward to connecting with you!

Big love, deep blessings, keep listening!

Katie Sabira